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Janitorial and Ground Maintenance

Keeping your facilities and grounds clean and operable is essential to safe, smooth, and efficient operations in every respect. 

Tsay Federal Contracting Group has extensive experience in custodial and roads and grounds support and maintenance. From routine janitorial support to rapid emergency responses resulting from natural disasters, we are there for you. Tsay Federal Contracting Group currently provides secure custodial support for two Department of Energy clients at the Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico and California. Custodial and grounds maintenance services include:


  • Perimeter monitoring for trash pick-up
  • Mowing operations
  • Tree and limb pruning and removal
  • Surface road improvements and grading operations
  • Emergency tree removal following natural disasters (tornados, hurricanes, and tropical storms)
  • Snow removal and ice control for highways and walkways
  • Entry way snow removal


  • Routine cleaning of floors and removal of waste and trash
  • Maintain restrooms and provision of all consumables and re-supply
  • Cleaning of conference room furniture
  • Cleaning of clinical and medical areas
  • Biomedical waste handling
  • Secured facilities janitorial services with employees possessing required clearances
  • Laundry service

Emergency response

  • Flooding mitigation
  • Removal of water, soil, and debris

Non-emergency response

  • Carpet shampoo
  • Window cleaning, special blinds, and coverings
  • Event pre- and post- cleanup