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Base Operations, Facility Support, and Maintenance

Tsay Federal Contracting Group is your trusted source to provide the following facility support services.

At Tsay Federal Contracting Group, we understand the criticality of sustaining our client’s facilities, operations, and directorate of public works requirements. You’ve got to be ready to meet mission requirements at a moment’s notice, and we provide the necessary maintenance and sustainment actions to allow you to concentrate on accomplishing your mission without distraction.

  • Central energy and boiler plant services
  • Waste treatment plants and landfill operations
  • Utility services
  • Tenant invoicing and collections
  • General recording and reporting
  • Construction management
  • Maintenance, janitorial, refuse, recycling and dumpster services
  • Supply & warehousing
  • Space planning and relocation
  • Work control center and job tracking
  • DPW skills and task execution
  • Fleet and equipment management and repair
  • Infrastructure systems
  • Fire hydrant services
  • Cross-connection and backflow prevention
  • Fires suppression
  • Roads, pavement, and grounds
  • Generator and electrical support
  • Industrial systems, heating, and air conditioning
  • Alarm system and access control services
  • Mailroom services

We also provide experienced and certified personnel in the following areas.

  • Central energy plant engineering
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians and high volt electricians
  • HVAC technicians
  • High volt electricians
  • Fire alarm technicians
  • Water and wastewater technicians
  • Boiler technicians
  • Welders