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Contingent Labor

No matter the complexity of your operations, or the scope and scale of your responsibilities to your clients, there’s one thing that is a universal certainty in getting your mission accomplished – finding the right staffing for the task at hand.

As your trusted contingent labor partner, Tsay Federal Contracting Group will be with you at every step of the staff augmentation process – we’ll examine your requirements and work closely with recruiters and your hiring authorities to provide quality resumes, and then complete all aspects of the onboarding process when you are satisfied with a prospective hire.   You can have the peace of mind that we are concentrating on getting qualified and reliable employees in their seats as soon as possible, thereby providing you with a labor force that is ready to immediately start making a positive impact in your day-to-day routine. Tsay is incredibly proud of its recent tribally owned joint venture with San Ildefonso Services known as Pueblo Alliance LLC, which currently provides staffing solutions for Department of Energy clients such as the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory. Follow Pueblo Alliance for more information on recruiting and staffing opportunities in the fields of security access control escorts, drivers, administration, Human Resources, facility management, construction, quality control, and management, and discover the myriad of staffing solutions that Tsay Federal Contracting Group and Pueblo Alliance offer to help you succeed in all your operational and mission responsibilities!

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