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Success Stories

Our team is constantly seeking ways to exceed our client’s expectations and provide above-and-beyond service.  Check out this section for good news stories from our team members as they execute solutions to our client’s dynamic mission requirements.

March/April 2024

On April 19th, 2024, our Tsay operations team at Ft Stewart, Georgia assisted our prime BOS contractor with a critical repair of a sewer line that had been ruptured.  Acting quickly, Timmy Blount (Tsay Ft Stewart Project Manager) mobilized Tsay resources to mitigate the sewer line break by placing blocks and timbers in the area to support repair vehicles and maintaining sewage pumping capability at the repair site and other lift stations, thus allowing the repairs to be quickly and safely completed.  Well done!

On March 14th, 2024, Timmy Blount (our Tsay Project Manager at Ft Stewart), along with Gary Douglas, Ethan Suding, Kerry Downing, Mark Easton, Jim Maddox, and Sammy Muse took the time to let Daryl Moultrie know they were appreciative for his stepping up as Water plant operator during the months of January & February. Daryl worked extra shifts so that Hunter Army Airfield (HAAF) stayed compliant with all aspects of water treatment. Timmy Blount recognized Daryl and told him a job well done!!! BRAVO!!! Daryl received a $75.00 gift card and a certificate of appreciation for his recognition.

Also on March 14th, 2024, Timmy Blount, Kerry Downing, Sharieff Gillard, Sammy Muse, Jim Maddox, Gary Douglas, Daryl Moultrie, and Mark Easton took the time to let Ethan Suding know they were impressed for taking the Wastewater CL3 exam and passing with flying colors the first time. Ethan will be an asset to the Tsay team at HAAF. Timmy Blount recognized Ethan and told him a job well done!!! BRAVO!!! Ethan received a $75.00 gift card and a certificate of appreciation for his recognition.

Earlier this month our Ft Leonard Wood IJO shop sprung into action to facilitate the emergency repair of a major sinkhole that developed on post at the West Gate of the installation.  The management team was notified on Friday of this development, and our IJO professionals swiftly coordinated efforts with a local subcontractor to have the sinkhole repaired by Saturday, thereby keeping vehicular traffic on post operating safely and normally.  Well done to the entire team! 

Tsay stands ready to provide our clients with the best possible operational support 24/7, 365 days a year, in both routine and emergency situations!  Continue to look through our website for more of our facility support solutions!

January/February 2024

On February 8th, 2024, Tsay’s Ft Stewart Project Manager Timmy Blount, along with Kerry Downing, Sammy Muse, Daryl Moultrie, and Mark Easton took the time to let Sharieff Gillard know they were appreciative for his dedication to his job, pays attention to detail, sharing of his knowledge with the Wastewater team at HAAF.  Timmy Blount recognized Sharieff and told him a job well done!!!  BRAVO!!!  Sharieff received a $75.00 gift card and a certificate of appreciation for his recognition.  Tsay Federal Contracting Group thanks all its hard-working employees like Sharieff for the great service they provide to our government clients day after day! 

Recently, team members from our Ft Stewart Base Operations Support contract continued to give back to the local community by donating their off-duty time and effort to provide American flags (and poles) to local area veterans and retirees.  Here we see proud recipients of these flags after Tsay volunteers worked diligently to install the flags earlier in February. 

Tsay Federal Contracting Group is grateful for the opportunity to recognize members of our armed services and their families for their unwavering support and sacrifice to our nation!

November/December 2023

On December 14th, 2023, Jeff Poulin, Timmy Blount, Mark Easton, and Ernesto Valenzuela took the time to let Kim Clary know they were appreciative for her hard work. Kim took the initiative and stepped up to take over the CAC Card & Gate Pass process that is vital to the contract requirements on Fort Stewart/HAAF. Mark and Jeff told Kim she is organized, pays attention to detail and is friendly to work with. Timmy Blount recognized Kim and told her a job well done!!! BRAVO!!! Kim received a $75.00 gift card, a certificate of appreciation for her recognition, and the coveted inferno-orange Tsay hat!

Tsay Federal Contracting Group thanks all its hard-working employees for the great service they provide to our government clients every day!  Without you, we could not sustain the world-class support we provide to our government partners in the fulfillment of their vital missions!

We appreciate you!

Our Tsay Professional Services and Tsay Services Incorporated team at Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri gathered for a festive holiday meal on December 13th – site leadership recognized team members for outstanding performance and passed out annual awards and commendations!  A great time was had by all!   

On December 8th, the management team at Ft Stewart conducted another of its famous “low country boils” for employees as an employee appreciation and holiday event.  Here we see the team in action as the food is prepared and then thoroughly enjoyed!  By all accounts, the low country boil was a huge hit!  Thanks to everyone on the Ft Stewart team for the hard work in pulling this all together!

On November 16th, 2023, Jeff Poulin, Timmy Blount, Doyce Hendrix, and Mark Easton took the time to let Nathan Elzi know they were appreciative for his leadership. Nathan was dispatched to a high alarm call at a wastewater lift station on Fort Stewart. Nathan noticed the belt had jumped off the fan pulley. Nathan shut the bypass pump down and he notified Timmy. Nathan told Timmy that he could get it back on as he had the tools in his truck. Nathan got the bypass pump operational and avoided a possible overspill and a violation. Timmy Blount recognized Nathan and told Nathan a job well done!!! BRAVO!!! Nathan received a $75.00 gift card, a certificate of appreciation for his recognition, and the coveted inferno orange TFCG hat!

September/October 2023

On October 5th, 2023, Jeff Poulin, Timmy Blount, George Keithley, Mark Groves, and Mark Easton took the time to let Travis Fleetwood and Ashley Clark know they were appreciative for their leadership, motivation, and outstanding work ethic as they were recognized as employees of the month for September for Tsay/Ferguson-Williams (TFW) at our operating location at Ft Stewart, Georgia. Travis and Ashley were recognized by Mark Groves for their work on the pools and spray parks at Fort Stewart. Mr. Groves let us know that Travis and Ashley did an exceptional job starting on time, with no down days for maintenance or unsafe water at Fort Stewart. Our TFW project supervisor Timmy Blount tells Travis and Ashley a job well done!!! BRAVO!!! Travis and Ashley each received a $50.00 gift card and a certificate of appreciation for their recognition.

Our Tsay team at Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri saw an opportunity to improve the appearance of our worksite and coordinated with our government client to allow a unit based at Ft Leonard Wood to remove excess and unserviceable equipment from one of our laydown yards.  This resulted in unusable equipment being removed from the work area, and provided some real-world logistics and maneuver training for the Army unit.  A huge shout out to Tsay employee Melissa Voight for her assistance with this effort! 

Recently the Tsay management team at our Ft Stewart location launched a series of employee appreciation events to show our gratitude to the team for their outstanding contributions to the base operations support mission for our government customer (the United States Army) at Ft Stewart, Georgia.  Here we see project supervisor Timmy Blount and others expertly preparing a delicious southeast Georgia low country boil for the staff on September 14th, 2023 (and also several boil attendees eagerly awaiting lunch!).  From keeping tank trails open and removing downed trees and branches from the roads and grounds of the installation from a tropical storm, Tsay Federal Contracting Group extends our deepest thanks to the BOS team for performing in a superb manner every day!

Interested in an exciting career opportunity that supports our government customers across the United States Department of Defense and Department of Energy spectrum?  If so, please check out our available job postings on our website under the “Careers” page!

June/July 2023

Recently the US Army garrison at Ft Leonard Wood was recognized as a recipient of the 2023 Commander in Chief’s Annual Award for Installation Excellence (the only US Army installation to receive this recognition this year).  Per the Department of Defense homepage, “the Commander in Chief’s Annual Award for Installation Excellence recognizes the outstanding and innovative efforts of the people who operate and maintain U.S. military installations.  Installations compete on how well they achieve the Department’s objectives in several areas of installation management, including mission support, energy conservation, quality of life and unit morale, environmental stewardship, real property management, safety, health and security, communications, and public relations.  Excellent installations enable better mission performance and enhance the working and living conditions for military men and women, DoD civilians, and their families.”  Facilitating the garrison’s receipt of the award is the sustained outstanding day-to-day operational performance of the Tsay Federal Contracting Group Base Operations and Support staff at Ft Leonard Wood – this award would not have been possible without the Tsay team providing world-class facility maintenance and sustainment actions to our client.  Congratulations to Brice Estrella, Josh Woody, and the entire Tsay team on a job extremely well done! 

On June 29th, 2023, Robert Kellar, Jeff Poulin, Timmy Blount, and Scotty Wallace took the time to let David Turner (Refuse Lead Heavy Equipment Operator) know they were appreciative for doing an outstanding job using the Fire Safety SOP and training to avoid a catastrophic event with a fire that had started in a refuse truck he was operating.  His fast action and compliance with regulations mitigated damage to the truck and eliminated a threat to life/health/safety for nearby personnel. Timmy congratulated David for his leadership with the Refuse team. Timmy Blount tells David a job well done!!! BRAVO!!! David received a $75.00 gift card, a certificate of appreciation for his recognition, and the highly coveted Tsay orange hat!

On June 6th, senior Army leadership at Ft Leonard Wood announced that the garrison was the recipient of the first-place trophy for the Army’s Installation Management Command’s “Best Garrison 2022” award.  This prestigious award could not have been possible without the great work that the TPS/TSI team at Ft Leonard Wood puts in day after day for the client.  To that end, Army leadership took time to recognize the outstanding efforts of the Tsay team through the Directorate of Public Works leadership down to site management.  A huge thanks goes to Brice Estrella, Josh Woody, and the entire BOSS team at Ft Leonard Wood for this great performance and recognition!

May 2023

On May 16th, Tsay Fort Leonard Wood partnered with Columbia College to conduct a job hiring fair. This was an amazing event and brought prospective employees from as far away as Colorado. This event was very successful and has helped us fill over 20 open positions that resulted from new work being awarded to the team at Ft Leonard Wood.  Congratulations and thanks to Waldy Pena for planning, organizing, and executing the successful event!

On May 11th, the Ft Stewart site management and landfill teams were notified that the landfill had received a 100% compliance score during a state of Georgia no-notice inspection; both the client and prime contractor passed on their thanks for a job well done to site management!​

April 2023

On April 18, 2023, Timmy Blount, Mark Easton, Jeff Poulin, Mark Groves, Ernesto Valenzuela, and Doyce Hendrix took the time to let Chris know they were appreciative of the excellent Leadership for the Pest Control Team at Fort Stewart & HAAF. Timmy congratulated Chris for his everyday leadership and receiving a big THANK YOU from the DPW team for always having a smile on his face, always willing to help with pest control issues, caring about his job and his customers. We received an email/comment card from the government recognizing Chris for being an excellent employee. Timmy Blount tells Chris a job well done!!! BRAVO!!! Chris received a $75.00 gift card and a certificate of appreciation for his recognition.

On April 18, 2023, Timmy Blount, Densel Galloway, Jeff Poulin, Mark Groves, Cleveland Dargan, and James Griner took the time to let Robert know they were appreciative for always going above & beyond to complete assigned tasks while contributing to the Roads & Grounds Department & TFW’s success. Timmy congratulated Robert for using his skills and knowledge to complete assigned tasks, but most of all sharing this with our team. Robert has been working with Government environmental employees to fix drop in location data for Fort Stewart/HAAF. Robert also created an excel spreadsheet to collect head wall locations Fort Stewart/HAAF. Timmy Blount tells Robert a job well done!!! BRAVO!!! Robert received a $75.00 gift card and a certificate of appreciation for his recognition.

On April 20th, 2023, Kim Clary, Allison Greene, Michael McElroy, Christopher Nossett and Travis Fleetwood represented Tsay Ferguson-Williams and Pegasus at the Transition Assistance Program in Fort Stewart, GA and Hunter Army Airfield, GA.  The Job Fair was held at Club Stewart. The target audience was transitioning service members, military spouses, veterans, and spouses of veterans. Our teams also advertised all the openings at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. The P3 Private Public Partnership (United States Army Reserve) asked if they could connect with Waldy Pena and help with getting her openings at Fort Leonard Wood filled. We had over 150 job seekers who were very interested in reaching out to TFW, Pegasus and TCFG – Fort Leonard Wood. We had many promotional items that our visitors enjoyed. We were asked to come to future job fairs this summer!​

MARCH 2023

The Ft Leonard Wood team received their official findings for their first-ever Property Management Systems Analysis which was conducted by functional area experts from the US Army. The purpose of the inspection is to provide the government with an assessment of how the contractor is managing the contract’s Property Management System per government contractual and regulatory requirements. We are pleased to report that Ft Leonard Wood received a “Satisfactory” rating on this assessment, and the COR approved our management system and indicated no corrective actions were necessary. This is a huge win for the Ft Leonard Wood team in this area! This was all due to the outstanding performance and leadership of our supervisors. 

Ft Stewart project manager Timmy Blount, along with fellow teammates Densel Galloway, Jeff Poulin, Mark Groves, Cleveland Dargan, and James Griner took the time to let George Keithley know they were appreciative of the excellent Leadership for the Water/Wastewater Team at Fort Stewart. Timmy congratulated George for his everyday leadership with his team. George demonstrates his leadership daily by sharing his knowledge and troubleshooting techniques, coordinating all his employees in scheduling classes for their license renewals. This year he was diligent in getting the cost of licenses down by scheduling his team for free classes and by doing this which resulted in $3,000 cost savings for the company and the government. Timmy Blount tells George a job well done!!! BRAVO!!!


The Ft Leonard Wood snow/ice removal team responded to two winter storms to maintain base operations, to include providing snow removal at Forney Army Airfield which allowed flight operations to continue.  The team received the following feedback from the client:

“I would just like to express appreciation for the Tsay personnel you sent to the Forney Army Airfield for this January SNAIR (snow and ice removal) event.  They were excellent and worked throughout the entire event ensuring a safe active environment was maintained. They were in constant contact with airfield staff to ensure everything met the standard for safe aircraft movements throughout the event, truly a “Team of Teams” effort.​  Due to their persistence and professionalism, the airfield resulted in no delayed flights, no accidents, and no injuries to passengers or employees. This reflects very well on the airfield and FLW in the eyes of the FAA, the joint cities airport, and the passengers utilizing the airfield.  The commercial airline, Contour Airlines also sends them thank you for maintaining the runway surface and allowing a perfect surface to land on.​  Again, please pass on to your team and thank them for a job well done.  Our mission was a true success because them.”​

Ft Stewart project manager Timmy Blount, along with fellow teammates Jim Maddox, Sammy Muse, Peter Gresham took the time to let Brenton Oglesby know they were appreciative of the job he was doing for the Central Energy Plant at Hunter Army Airfield. Timmy congratulated Brenton for his everyday leadership with his team. Brenton demonstrates his leadership daily by sharing his knowledge and troubleshooting techniques, coordinating with vendors and maintenance, stepping up when needed which results in cost savings for the company and the government. Timmy Blount tells Brenton a job well done!!! BRAVO!!! Brenton received a $75.00 gift card and a certificate of appreciation for his recognition.​


Tsay Operations staff at both Ft Leonard Wood and Ft Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield provided emergency support to their respective clients in the wake of the historic sub-freezing cold snap and nation-wide blizzard in late December. Crews responded throughout the Christmas holiday to restore heat, repair broken water mains, and clear snow from roadways. This effort garnered positive feedback from the clients and government field personnel, including two positive feedback notices in the Department of Defense’s interactive customer service system. The following feedback was received from two customers at Fort Leonard Wood:

“Recently had a pipe burst at my headquarters which flooded by office on Christmas. A technician arrived within about an hour, turned off the water, inspected the origin of the problem and assisted with cleanup up which was above and beyond expectations. A team arrived early morning on the next business day and executed repairs on the damaged pipe. All were courteous and professional.  Cosmetic repairs to follow in the coming weeks but the prompt immediate response enabled uninterrupted operations and provided peace of mind that similar emergencies in the future will be given  proper attention and support. Great work by the facilities team.”

“Water leak at building 6142 on Indiana. DPW was out and putting blowers in place about 6 hours after the event, on the week of Christmas, no less. Very grateful for their quick work in preventing any further damage.”

The Ft Stewart Roads & Grounds Team received recognition for excellent execution of correcting the integrity of the beaver damage done to the railroad beds on Fort Stewart. This involved excavation, backfilling, hauling dirt & bringing it to compaction standards. This project saved the government an estimated hundreds of thousands of dollars and was done in time by the team so there were no delays in the 2023 Military Maneuver Schedule.

Ft Stewart Roads and Grounds team member Doyce Hendrix received recognition for excellent team leadership of the Roads & Grounds Team at Fort Stewart. Doyce also received a $75.00 gift card & a TFW Camo hat for a job well done. On December 02, 2022, Timmy Blount, Scotty Wallace, Jeff Poulin took the time to let Doyce know they were appreciative of the job Doyce was doing as a lead for Roads & Grounds at Fort Stewart. Timmy congratulated Doyce for his leadership on everyday tasks and coordinating special events at Fort Stewart. A few examples are the ANNUAL DEER/HOG HUNT, The HAYRIDE AT HOLBROOK POND and the ANNUAL FALL FESTIVAL. Jeff Poulin, Ernesto Valenzuela, and Scotty Wallace were also present to tell Doyce to keep up the great work! BRAVO!​