Security Escort

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The Pueblo Alliance, (whose members include San Ildefonso Services (SIS), Tsay Corporation, and Sky City Communications) is looking for Tribal and non-Tribal Members interested in providing or becoming federal government escorts for work in designated cleared security areas up at Los Alamos National Lab.

Background Information:

There is an immediate need for additional “Q” cleared personnel in Los Alamos There are several projects the Pueblo Alliance is supporting around the Laboratory that require Access Control Specialists (Security Escorts)

• Work could be full time or part-time work.

• If you don’t have a Q-Clearance but are interested and believe you can pass, we are planning on assisting applicants navigate the process cutting down the time it normally takes.


Active or recent (within 5 years) “Q” clearance for immediate placement.

Rate of pay: $20-25/hr. depending on clearance status.

Responsible to escort un-cleared visitors in designated cleared security areas at a national laboratory in Los Alamos.

Training to work as an Access Control Specialist (Security Escort) will be provided

To apply for this job please visit